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What is Our Service Fee?

The charges of our commendable services are very reasonable and depend upon the destination, where the amount of dollars has to be sent. In order to calculate the accurate rates, use the Calculator on the web page. It should be noted that the currency exchange rate may also be applied in addition to the transfer fee.

Can the money be sent within 24 hours?

It can be sent but depends upon the destination, amount and availability of dollar. The user can access the information from the website to find out more about the service.

How will the transaction be paid to the beneficiary?

Transferred money is usually paid in the local currency, which depends upon the destination, amount and availability of dollar. The other modes of payment also include traveller’s check, money-order, demand draft or the combination of these methods. The international payments are subjected to local laws and the availability.

How much can I send at one time?

Amount of money to send depends upon the sender. However, it is appreciable if you confirm with our agents before placing an order.

What should I do if my receiver is having trouble picking up the transaction?

Contact our office for any complaints and they will help you immediately.

Why does my beneficiary need to claim funds?

It is essential that the beneficiary acclaims the fund showing their valid local ID as well as giving the PIN number assigned to them by Noorani International Inc. This ensures that the funds are given to the right beneficiary, which leads to secure transactions.

Will I have to fill out a registration form every time I send money?

The clients are expected to fill the registration form to get registered on Noorani Money. In this manner, the records are kept safe for future interactions. Your next transaction can be made just by calling at the office to avail the services. Thus, no form is required to be filled.

Do I have to show my ID or social security number every time I send money?

It is advised to call at the office and correspond with our representative to get further details about the protocols practiced while acclaiming the account.

Who can use Noorani International money transferring services?

All the clients residing in USA can benefit from the money transfer services through Noorani International Inc.

Why should a user trust Noorani International Inc.?

To acquire the best and secured transaction services, the users are encouraged to trust and rely on Noorani International Inc. The company is registered and insured by an A-rated independent company and pledges to perform exceptionally.

Thus, Noorani Money is a safe option when it comes to send or receive money around the world. We assure to keep the transaction confidential, as it is against our policy to share the private information with any third parties or the law firms.

Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries per customer account?

No, we do not impose any limitations. You are free to have as many beneficiaries as you wish to have.

How is Noorani International Inc. better than other services?

Noorani International Inc. is definitely better than other service providers, as the transaction fees are minimal with ideal exchange rates. There are no hidden charges or extra fees applicable on the different delivery options.

Is there a limit to how much I can remit in a single transaction?

No, there is no limit on the remittance in a single transaction so that are clients can have comfortable access and no loss to our carefully crafted money transaction policy.

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